The District 23 region, Hillview, Diary Farm and Bukit Panjang in Singapore has some of the most wonderful malls in the country. As such, if you live here or you are just visiting, there are numerous places where you can shop or have some family fun day. Some of the popular shopping malls near Dairy Farm Road, you can visit whenever in the neighborhood include the Rail Mall, West Mall, Junction 10, Green Ridge Shopping Center, and Fajar Shopping Center. Below is a breakdown of the services you should expect from each of these malls.

The Rail Mall

After visiting the rail mall, the first thing that will catch your attention is its exceptional appearance which makes it stand out from other malls in the region. The single storey configuration of bars, cafes, and shops will give you a feeling of warmth and relaxation. If you are looking to spend a quiet day with family and friends, this is the place to be since everything is available and easily accessible. You can access the mall using Hillview MRT or a chain of public bus services which are offered along the dairy farm road. .

West Mall

This amazing mall has a comprehensive mix of tenants due to the fact that it is in a convenient location. Here, you will get unparalleled shopping experience which will leave you and your family happy and satisfied. With numerous entertainment, dining, and shopping options, you will no doubt fall in love with the mall. You can easily access the mall using all forms of transportation making it convenient for all shoppers. There is ample parking space at the basement hence you don’t need to worry if you are bringing your car along.

Junction 10 Mall

Junction 10 shopping mall was previously known as 10 Mile Junction but it renamed at the end of 2011. The mall is home to an integrated car park, family restaurants, beauty and wellness services, lifestyle shops, and tuition centers. If you love outdoor activities, there is a completely functional tennis court in the backyard. As such, all your needs will be perfectly taken care of in this two-level mall. You can access the mile via the Ten Mile Junction LRT station.

Green Ridge Shopping Center

This is one of a kind shopping mall which has been serving residents of District 23 region for many years. The mall features numerous fast food joints, Muslim and Chinese food courts, 24 hours convenience stores, and supermarkets. For your beauty need, there are hair salons and nail shops. In case you or your pets require immediate medical attention when you are at the mall, there are medical clinics and vet services which will have you covered.

Fajar Shopping Center

Fajar Shopping Center is located at the heart of Bukit Panjang in Singapore. The mall has a retail space of approximately 4, 600 square meters which is home to 34 shops. At this mall, you will get a wide range of services such as dining, shopping, and banking services. As such, it is a very convenient place to shop since everything is located under one roof.

In a nutshell, if you are visiting the district 23 region in Singapore, you should consider visiting either of the shopping malls mentioned above for amazing experience.