t’s always advisable for new home buyers to read the documents carefully before signing them. This will allow you to know the property you’re about to buy and avoid later problems. This is always more difficult when the property is still under construction due to the changes that occur during the process. In such cases, floor plans are vital.
The floor plan can be difficult to understand for most people. From all the symbols, most people only understand the bathrooms and bedrooms. This can change when you have the right knowledge that explains what you’re looking at.


The main door should be the first thing you notice. This will make it easier to understand the other entities since it will give you a better visual.
Locating the main door is usually easy since it is always denoted by a quarter circle. When you spot this, you’ll be able to see the connection between all the rooms. It’s also advisable to focus on the arc as this will let you see how the door swings.


These also play an important part in the home since they determine the amount of natural light that will be in the rooms.
For the sliding windows, the symbol will be a “hollow line” on the walls whereas the casement windows will be shown by quarter circles in pairs.


If you prefer an open design in your condo, you need to know the types of walls you have and whether they can be removed. This means you need the symbols for structural walls which are permanent and non-structural ones which can be removed.
If the plan has thick lines marked in bold then the walls are structural. However, if the lines are thin then they are non-structural. The best plan should have thick lines on the over layers and thin ones inside to make it customizable.


The best way to note the floors is by imagining you walking in from the main door. This will allow you to determine whether the rooms have been planned according to your standards.
Look out for the room arrangements as it will help you figure out which rooms are closer to each other. You should also check out the corridor arrangements to determine how the rooms are connected.


Most plans usually have numbered dimensions which will give you the approximate size of the rooms. Noting these will be of great help should you decide to renovate.


Most of the time you can tell the shape of the room by looking at the floor plan. You should note that the best shape is one that allows you to use up all the space in the room.


Most of the time cupboards are denoted by laid out lines. They may be walk-in or otherwise depending on the arrangement.

Private space

To locate a private enclosed space, look for a private outdoor area. These usually vary in size and you can tell the size from the dimensions.

Extra room

Most modern plans carer for extra rooms for domestic workers. In most cases, they are located next to the kitchen which will be easy to see from the plan.


The floor plans are usually filled with details that will show you whether the condo is your style or not. This guide should make reading them easier.