New private property deals brisks a month ago

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A surge in September’s Revenue of Brand New private homes

There was a 13 percent gain in the amount of new private houses sold a month from August. 1,270 such units were offered in September as programmers improved their sales and promotion campaigns after August’s lull because of the Hungry Ghost Month.

Buyers showed special interest from town fringes with 4 from 5 starts a month in these regions. Nearly 60 percent of the month’s earnings were for properties in these regions.

The redevelopment of the Greater Southern Waterfront district might be a part of the reason behind the achievement of the property. 361 units were offered here in a median cost of $1,941 psf.

Singaporeans and PRs made up the Vast Majority of buyers

Though some might believe overseas influences may have altered the amount of buyers, the majority of these were Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs). Critics state that this fascination from the local real estate market might be a series of buyers’ or investors’ confidence.

New personal home sales are predicted to exceed 9,000 this season although some analysts aren’t convinced that the market is overheating. The speed of expansion within this segment might be diminishing, despite having a 0.9% increase in sales costs last quarter plus a 1.5% rise in Q2. But, Singapore’s political and socioeconomic stability can boost buyers’ assurance and property here might appealing to investors that have opted to turn to safer, less risky investments.