Purchase a Good Class Bungalow at the Low Cost of $9 million

A financial limit cordial family home

The Good Class Bungalow (GCB) is situated at 7 Chestnut Crescent. It’s going available to be purchased by means of closeout one month from now, and is one of just 39 such plots. The all out size of the land is 9,232 square feet.

Most families can bring two kids up in a five-room level (around 1,200 square feet), so this will be ideal for the 16 or so youngsters you’re expecting to have. What’s more, that is before including another floor.

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The house is only a short drive to the acclaimed Chestnut Nature Park; the two pieces of the recreation center (north and south) aggregate around 81 hectares, making it Singapore’s biggest nature park. Ideal for a family that will appreciate the off-road bicycle trails and nature strolls. You can likewise hit up Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which has an incredible cross-area of Singapore’s profile decent variety.

Bukit Panjang Primary School is likewise adjacent, and Assumption Pathway School somewhat further down. You can likewise get snappy access to the BKE, it’s under five minutes drive from the house.

Generally, this GCB is arranged in a tranquil enclave, and away from the typical solid wilderness. On the off chance that you need to feel like you’re ceaselessly in the midst of a get-away in some nature resort, this is the cottage you need.

Simply make sure to drive, as the closest MRT station (Bukit Panjang) isn’t what we’d think about a walkable separation. You’ll take note of this is a downside, since autos are extremely costly in Singapore. Not every person can manage the cost of that sort of extravagance, correct?

Potential for further improvement

The purchaser has the choice to procure a nearby 2,836 square foot plot, and the current property can conceivably be extended to over two stories.

In all honesty, the current structure doesn’t utilize all the accessible space. The genuine motivation to purchase here – other than the low sticker price obviously – is the uncommon measure of potential this bears. This one will engage purchasers who have constantly needed a home with a particular stamp; contract a draftsman and go insane. Make it resemble the Louver, or a French cabin, or a Tudor estate – you have enough space to go wild with this much land space.

However, we can disclose to you who will love this property the most: enthusiastic nursery workers

We know how no-nonsense genuine planters can get – and this property is boon to them. Need to have your very own mango trees? Or on the other hand enough space to develop lines of various plants? This is one of only a handful couple of private units that will give you free play to do that.

You additionally have a great deal of space for finishing and innovativeness, as on the off chance that you need a koi lake and smaller than expected cascade, or a zen shake garden.

Given the shortage estimation of GCBs, you can likewise have certainty that the property will hold its worth. It’s magnificent as a family resource, to be passed on over the ages.

When’s the bartering?

Pay special mind to it on 30th September this year. The sale will be controlled by Colliers, at 2.30 pm at the Amara Singapore (Level 3, Connection Room).

Is it true that you are not kidding?

Alright fine, perhaps it is anything but a spending well disposed family home. In any case, we’re not kidding about $9 million being a decent cost for a GCB, especially this one. In the event that you take a gander at the land space and potential, properties like this clear a path more sense than, state, a $73 million+ penthouse on a 99-year rent.

An extended family, if it’s nearby enough, could conceivably pool their assets to buy this as a mutual family home. Numerous ages can be housed here, with living space that not many different Singaporeans are special to appreciate.